Worlds fastest Ironman swimmer joins Acadyme

Alexander Berggren is a professional triathlete and swim run athlete. His time of 43.52 is one of the fastest swimming times in the world on the Ironman distance over 3.8 kilometers. Together with Acadyme, he has now created the online course “How to swim fast” where Alexander gives a deep and detailed picture of how to become a faster swimmer. Hands-on tips on swimming technique and exercises for both pool swimming and open water swimming interspersed with a lot of inspiration aimed to make the viewer a faster swimmer.

– An online course is perfect for swimming because it can show swimming both above and below the water surface in a detailed way. I am convinced that the course participants who enroll ”How to swim fast” will become faster by watching, thinking and translating it into their own swimming. The course will provide valuable tips to take with you in your own training, says Alexander Berggren.

Trailer “How to swim fast”

The course consists of 29 instructional videos (a total of 55 minutes) and an associated workbook with exercises and training programs. With his course “How to swim fast” Alexander help swimmers who want to take the next step with their freestyle swimming. 

– Alexander is a fantastic swimmer and coach. With his clear and simple pedagogy, he gives viewers valuable tips and advice that only an experienced swimmer can do. We are excited to have Alexander in the team of instructors and courses on, says Jojje Borssén, CEO and founder of Acadyme.

Price will be $19.90 with lifetime access. The course will be available from 11 november 2020 only on

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How to swim fast in a instructional and detailed online course on how to become a better and faster swimmer.

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