What is Acadyme?

What is Acadyme.com?

Acadyme.com is a platform for personal development and learning. Our mission: Worlds best online courses in sports, health and wellness. We are an edutainment channel that provides inspiration for you to deepen your knowledge of a subject or to learn something entirely new. Acadyme’s courses are based on three values:

Acadyme AB started in december 2019 by our founder Jojje Borssén. Read more about that story here.

What is edutainment?

It’s a word coined from a combination of the words education and entertainment. Our own definition of edutainment is “learning through entertainment” as we use several different channels and senses for our courses.

How are the courses structured?

A course has a clear definition of what it is about and what kind of content you can expect. Most often, the course is based on a basic structure of instructional films with supplementary material such as interviews, podcasts, documents for reading, pictures and instructional texts. See an example here. Acadyme also uses recorded live broadcast events, lectures and other events to build the content of our courses into the best of their kind.

What is included in a course?

The course content is clearly specified in the course presentation, which you will find in each presentation or in the course shop. The courses on Acadyme.com usually contain between seven to fifteen films (4-15 minutes long), a podcast interview with the instructor, plus extras in the form of text or educational material. The course may also contain extras such as interviews with the course leader.

How to buy?

Courses at Acadyme.com are purchased individually. You add courses to your shopping basket and then check out just like on any e-commerce website. After the purchase you can create a user ID to keep track of the specific course or courses you purchased. In 2021, an annual membership will be launched. For more detailed information, please read our terms.

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches are specialists in their field. They have deep knowledge, sometimes academic education and have put their knowledge into practice as a lecturer, coach, teacher or mentor. They are usually top players in their areas of expertise. Interested in becoming an Acadyme instructor? Read more here.

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