Blog: The future of influencer marketing

I have been following the successful company Hubso for a while. They create brands with the help of influencers and their channels. Rebecca Stella is perhaps their biggest shining star today. Their manifesto is clear and good:

”Brands partner up with influencers in order to bolster brand awareness and drive sales, also known as influencer marketing. HUBSO is now driving the change in the industry by launching authentic influencer brands, what we call true branding.

HUBSO is a one-stop hub for influencers who want to establish their own brand and get a seamless procedure regarding production, marketing and e-commerce solutions. Basically, we’re realizing their dreams and they don’t have to worry about the boring parts. We call it true branding, without administrative headache.”

Hubso is swimming in the blue ocean. There are thousands of influencers and there are lots of brands that want to buy influencer marketing as part of the channel mix. But as an influencer, constantly selling other people’s brands, products or services may not be the most profitable or fun thing to do. Right now it may be the fastest way to cash but to build and nurture your brand in the long run – I don’t think so!

If influencers are to have any chance in the future, they need to nurture their followers, databases and content.

Acadyme operates in the same blue ocean. We want to pass on our instructors’ knowledge to a global audience. We believe that athletes, coaches, instructors need a new platform than the free channels available today. Fans and followers want and will need to pay for their knowledge – well-packaged with clear value for the consumer. And of course – without producing any new physical product since we produce every course or live broadcast digitally.

There are many similarities between what Hubso does and what Acadyme does. Although it is about two completely different industries.