Robin Söderling Online Tennis Course The Serve and The Backhand

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Your new instructor Robin Söderling is a former professional tennis player that in his career highlights reached two consecutive finals at the French Open (2009 and 2010). Robin was at his peak ranked No.4 on the singles ranking. Online Tennis Course The Serve and The Backhand

In this online tennis course Robin gives you his best advice on the two most important shots in tennis: The Serve and The Backhand. All 18 lessons are video lessons you can watch on any device.

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  50 min on demand video lessons

Welcome! (0:48 min)
Get to know your new instructor Robin (5:48)

The Serve (10 lessons)

Introduction to the serve (1:16 min)
Specific warm up (1:51min)
Grip (1:14 min)
Stands (2:29 min)
Legs (1:50 min)
Ball toss (2:11 min)
Back swing (2:57 min)
Hit (2:33)
How to practice your serve (1:52)
Different kinds of serves (1:57)

The Backhand (5 lessons)
Introduction to the backhand (1:15)
Grip (2:07)
Footwork (1:13)
Backswing (6:54)
Racket head, hips and hitting point (5:30)
Thank you (0:48 min)

No prior experience needed

For all levels

  Valid for 365 days. 1 year from purchase.

  Video subtitles in English, German, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese Traditional

   Chapters in video for easy navigation

  Good for the planet (digital delivery)

Works on all devices

 High quality HD picture is an advertising free environment.

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  1. Jojje Borssén

    Great inspiration from a great player!

  2. Morgan Jacobsson (verified owner)

    A good basic course aimed at younger and beginners. Lacks one-handed backhand and clearer strike options for higher back-hands. Otherwise, Robin’s actions are blameless. Nice appearance and an adequate setting with presentation and music jingle. I’m passionate about tennis. Thanks for a great course.

  3. Erik Martines Sanches (verified owner)

    Good content but I wish some of the videos weren’t quite zoomed in so much, especially the Serve – Hit video is too zoomed in around 0:50. I wish the browsing of videos was easier, for example it would help to have the entire playlist under the video, rather than having to “go back to the course”.

  4. Isak Ahlbom (verified owner)

    Very pedagogic and a lot of information squeezed into a comprehensive and digestible format. It gave me much to think about when practicing and inspired to improve my skills.

  5. Eva Mattsson (verified owner)

  6. Klas Berggren (verified owner)

    Overall a good course. Good value for the money.

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