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Anders helps professional athletes to win, business people to thrive and people in general to live life with more joy and less stress. His understanding of the principles behind all our experience of life delivered with humor will have you on the edge of your seat and give you what you need to bring out the best of yourself and others. He is all about actually changing lives and has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pak, Carlsberg, Ericsson, Volvo, Six Senses, professional athletes as well as the Swedish Olympic Committee.

About this exlusive course “Success is simpler than you think”

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with the same problems over and over again? Why it seems harder to be at your best when you really want to? Here you will learn the principles of performance psychology that will allow you to access your best more often and bounce back quicker when you’re off. How to be more productive with less stress. More up with less down. Quite simply, this is the basis for everything else you want to learn and excel at. Best of all you need no prior experience except being an open minded human.


  90 min on demand video

Welcome (0:36 min)
Part 1 (20:24 min)
Part 2 (22:49 min)
Part 3 (27:35 min)
Part 4 (21:20 min)
Questions and answers (10:08 min)
Thank you (0:48 min)

  Downloadable audio file from lecture

  Workbook from transcripts from lecture

No prior experience needed

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  1. Jojje Borssén (verified owner)

    Great experience and production of really good content! Thanks!

  2. Sean Foley – PGA Tour Coach

    I have worked with Anders for over two years. I was on the precipice of understanding, and Anders guided me the rest of the way. He is a brilliant, kind and transformative individual. This will really help the listeners to recognize they are closer to clarity than they thought. Understand the concept and it will I fold right in front of your eyes. The answer is you

  3. Kristian Thalin (verified owner)

    This is by far the best lecture I’ve seen about success and personal growth and trust me – I’ve seen a lot of them! I had so many insights about my life and health while watching this lecture and I have also noticed that they keep coming even after I finished it. I really can’t recommend Anders Haglund and his lecture enough! Best regards, Kristian Thalin

  4. Klas Berggren (verified owner)

    Very interesting content. Maybe a little bit too extensive for me, but overall good quality.

  5. grigorova31 (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! This course has been such an eye opening experience! Excellent way to turn knowing into understanding.

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