Open Water Swimming Online Course

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Learn to master the open water! With this course you will learn to swim faster, better and more safe in open water. This course on open water swimming will give you the best video instructions on saftey, training, exercises, tips, gadgets and specific strength training. With 21 high quality video lessons (total 90 minutes on demand video) podcast interview with Jonas, workouts and lots of inspiration to take your swimming in open water to the next level.


  What you will learn in this course on open water swimming

1. About your instructor Jonas Colting (7:34)
2. Introduction to open water swimming (3:50)
3. About your saftey (4:01)
4. Saftey golden rules (4:47)
5. Anatomy of open water swimming, introduction (1:36)
6. Breathing (3:49)
7. Frequency (3:00)
8. Active wrist (3:00)
9. Width on arms (4:15)
10. Head position (4:04)
11. Reduce your kick (3:36)
12. Summary anatomy of open water (1:50)
13. Differences in open water swimming (6:45)
14. How to train open water swimming (5:11)
15. Navigation in open water swimming (5:54)
16. How to take on a wetsuit (7:16)
17. Training in the pool (4:25)
18. Pool swim Workouts (2:52)
19. Pool swim equipment (1:45)
20. Strength and mobility (16:13)

  Podcast interview with Jonas Colting (30 min)

  Workbook from transcripts with added material

  Training sessions and workouts to download

Quiz to sharpen your skills

In this online course about open water swimming Jonas Colting gives you a broad understanding of open water swimming. You will get his best tips, basic training plans for different levels and lots of inspiration.

For all levels

  Valid for 365 days. 1 year from purchase.

  Video subtitles in English, German, Spanish (ES), Português

   Chapters in video for easy navigation

  Good for the planet (digital delivery)

Works on all devices

 High quality HD picture is an advertising free environment. 

About you instructor Jonas Colting

Your new instructor Jonas Colting have over 30 years experience from swimming and have been doing several open water swim expeditions over the last 10 years. As a former professional triathlete and three times winner of Swim Run World Championships Ö Till Ö he knows how to help you become a better open water swimmer.

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7 reviews for Open Water Swimming Online Course

  1. Greg Brender

    Massive and inspirational!

  2. Isak Ahlbom (verified owner)

    Very well done course with extensive materials, opens the door to a new world and makes something abstract very tangible.

  3. Anders Strömvall (verified owner)

    High quality! wery well done course. highly recommended.

  4. Bosse Johansson (verified owner)

    A very nice course easy to understand an inspirationnel
    Looking forward to dive in to the open water again

  5. Johan Dahlqvist (verified owner)

    Incredibly well made and educational course. Even me who has been swimming in open water for many years could bring me several new good tips.

  6. Susanne Josefsson (verified owner)

    A really good course, learned a lot about open water swimming. Smalll deatails that made my swimming a lot faster. Can really recommend this!!

  7. Jojje Borssén (verified owner)

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