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Master Ultra Trail Running is the most complete Ultra Trail Running online course. This course is created to make you a stronger, better and faster ultra trail runner. No matter what your current level is! You will earn new insights and professional knowledge from Mimmi Kotka – one of the worlds best ultra trail runners.

This course:
High quality production for the best experience
» Access to this course for life
» Subtitles in English, French, Spanish


Content in this course

– Web seminar about Ultra Trail Running 1 h 45 min)
– About Mimmi Kotka (6 min)
– About ultra trail running (3 min)
– How to train for ultra trail run (6 min)

Also included in the course but added in July 2021:

– Uphill running (added to this course July 2021)
– Downhill running (added to this course July 2021)
– Equipment (added to this course July 2021)
– Nutrition (added to this course July 2021)
– Race nutrition (added to this course July 2021)
– Race preparation and equipment (added to this course July 2021)
– Racing and troubleshooting (added to this course July 2021)

About Mimmi Kotka

Mimmi has plenty of podiums in ultra trail races across the globe. Winning Gran Trail Courmayeur 90 km, UTMB / CCC 101 km, Marathon du Mont Blanc 92 km, Swiss Alpine Marathon, Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115 km to name a few. Her knowledge and expertise is exceptional when it comes to Ultra Trail running.


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