Blog: Online Courses is the new black

Man has communicated, told, taught and preached throughout our existence on earth. It’s part of the meaning of life – to pass on experiences and knowledge to your children or your pack.

Since the internet is not that old from a historical perspective, digital learning has not existed for very long either. According to the Wikipedia compilation on the “birth of online courses”, it reads as follows:

Online learning emerged in 1982 when the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute in La Jolla, California opened its School of Management and Strategic Studies. The School employed computer conferencing to deliver a distance education program to business executives.

In 2000 only 8% of students were enrolled in an online course, but by 2008 enrollment had increased to 20%. The expansion of online education has not slowed either; by the fall of 2013 nearly 30% of all postsecondary students were enrolled in some kind of distance education course.

So, it is appropriate to say that this area of online learning is new to us and still in its infancy. With digital and online learning we can – through text, sound, image, quiz, video and voice – participate in learning in a completely different way than we previously did, and maybe are used to. Digital learning places demands on the user and it takes time for us to learn it.

Online courses have grown significantly over the past ten years. A quick trend search at Google Trends shows a gradual and steady increase with a substantial increase since the spring of 2020.

Google Trends Online Courses
Keywords: “Online Course” on Google Trends

The pandemic has forced us to become even better at studying online. This also means that both the number of platforms offering online courses and sales of online courses have increased. The Canadian company Thinkific, which offers course platforms to course creators, reports:

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated this timeline, as entrepreneurs, businesses, and teachers pivot online – resulting in a 221% surge in new course creation in the early days of the pandemic.

In other words, it is no exaggeration to claim that online courses will continue to gain momentum in the coming years. The category we call Sports Learning that we have just started and Acadyme together with The Skills, Udemy, SportsEdTV and several others will probably see a strong growth in interest in the time to come.

Jojje Borssén
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