Online Course production with Anders Haglund

Acadyme AB is producing an online course with Anders Haglund on the topic “Success is simpler than you think”. Production takes place 5:th of may in Stockholm and we have 25 seats in audience to join for free. Sign up here for the event.

Success is simpler than you think

Do you remember the last time you were totally swept away by something heart and soul? Remember how effortless performing at your best were then? That power resides inside you just waiting to be unleashed

During this seminar you will join transformative success coach Anders Haglund for a unique opportunity to go behind the theories and superstitions for a deeper exploration of what’s really driving your experience of life. This understanding will give you a basis to raise your game across the board and connect it to where it really counts – real life results. Furthermore, it will highlight the simplicity of that wonderful feeling of happiness, satisfaction and well-being that we are all really looking for and link it to performance. In short: Well-being, productivity and satisfaction in your life has never looked so good…

”One genuine insight is all you need to take both your performance and quality of life to a whole new level.”

About Anders Haglund

Anders helps professional athletes to win, business people to thrive and people in general to live life with more joy and less stress. His understanding of the principles behind all our experience of life delivered with humor will have you on the edge of your seat and give you what you need to bring out the best of yourself and others. He is all about actually changing lives and has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pak, Carlsberg, Ericsson, Volvo, Six Senses, professional athletes as well as the Swedish Olympic Committee.

We produce this with a small audience, where everyone present considers themselves healthy. No person in risk group can or will attend.

Time and place

Tuesday 5 may 2020, 18:30-20:30
Fabriken, Hammarby Sjöstad (Stockholm)
Textilgatan 31, map here

Sign up here: 25 free seats!

Om Acadyme

Acadyme AB produces online courses in sports, health and wellness. In the present time, we see an opportunity to offer a good online lecture experience to all people who would have listened to Anders Haglund because of canceled events, conferences or meetings.

Acadyme AB started 2019 by Jojje Borssén.