Huge global interest in Ultra Trail Running Seminar

Acadyme is hosting a free Ultra Trail Running Seminar with Mimmi Kotka 25 november. Over 400 participants have already signed up from more than 35 countries all across the globe. 

Mimmi Kotka is one of the worlds best trail runners with plenty of podiums in Ultra Trail races across the globe. Winning Gran Trail Courmayeur 90 km, UTMB / CCC 101 km, Marathon du Mont Blanc 92 km, Swiss Alpine Marathon, Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115 km to name a few. Her knowledge and expertise is exceptional when it comes to Ultra Trail running.

The broadcast is a live seminar hosted by Acadyme in cooperation with Mimmi Kotka and her partners. This seminar will be a part of Mimmis upcoming online course on released in december 2020.

Mimmis seminar will be a part of the upcoming Online Course on “Master Ultra Trail Running” on

The seminar will be hosted by Jojje Borssén, CEO and Founder of Acadyme and will cover topics such as Nutrition, Race Tactics, Gear, Training amongs others. Our mission is to inspired and share knowledge on Ultra Trail Running.

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