Swimrun has grown from a marginal phenomenon to global sport in less than 10 years. How did it start, how has the sport developed and what does the future hold? 

As a swimrun-enthusiast, how should you train, prepare and compete? And what does it takes to make it to Ö till Ö – the World Championships in Swimrun?

Swimrun Global Online Seminar #1 gives you an inspirational perspective on swimrun as a sport. Our mission is to boost your motivation and energy for the coming season.

Our guests – Michael Lemmel, Fanny Kuhn and Adam Skolnick are some of the most influential voices in the sport and will give you new knowledge in this first Swimrun Global Online Seminar. 

This seminar is free and you will be able to watch this live broadcast in its full version a couple of days after the event. Just sign up and follow the links. Welcome!

Seminar program 10 feb 7-9 pm CET

To see the live broadcast or in post production you need to sign up for the event
  • History of swimrun
  • How swimrun has evolved
  • Races across the globe
  • How to start swimrun
  • How to train
  • Where to train
  • Gear
  • Picking your partner

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About our guests

Michael Lemmel

Founder and race director of Ö till Ö, the Swimrun World Championship. Michael is an lifelong entrepreneur and innovator with focus on endurance sports. 

As a former professional multi sport athlete Michael have spent his hole life in nature doing sports or competing in long distance races. 

Today Michael is one of the most influential voices in the sport and industry of Swimrun. 

Fanny Kuhn

Fanny Kuhn is a former elite swimmer and current World Champion. She won ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship, with Desirée Andersson participating for the 5th time in the competition. She has competed on the top level in Swimrun since 2015 in both mix and women’s teams including over 10 World series race victories.

Before Swimrun, Fanny was an elite swimmer specialized in breaststroke and individual medley. She was on the Swedish junior national team, has several national championship medals and competed on NCAA level for the Divison 1 team University of Louisville Swimming & Diving. Fanny actively inspires people to appreciate the Swimrun sport through WILD Swimrun https://www.wildwomenswimrun.com and her work at RaceID.com 

Adam Skolnick

Adam Skolnick is an award-winning independent journalist and author covering adventure sports, environmental issues, travel and human rights for The New York Times, Outside, Playboy and Lonely Planet. He is the author of One Breath: Freediving, Death and the Quest to Shatter Human Limits, the ghost writer and narrator of David Goggins’ smash hit memoir and audiobook Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds and he is a co-host on the Rich Roll Podcast.

Host: Jojje Borssén

Jojje Borssén, CEO and founder of Acadyme.com and a swimrun enthusiast. Ironman Hawaii finisher 2011 and dubble Ö till Ö finisher. Finishing 6:th in Ö till Ö 2011 and partnered with the famous Swedish hip hop artist Petter in Ö till Ö 2014. 

Acadyme.com offers sports learning with some of the best athletes, coaches and influential persons in the world. Acadyme.com gives you online educational videos, live broadcasts and seminars, workbooks, podcasts and in some cases training plans and even specific workouts. Our international courses are subtitled in multiple languages. Our mission is to inspire and educate in sports, health and wellness.

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