Become an Acadyme Producer

Are you a producer, filmmaker or editor?

Or maybe a combination of all? You like to take exciting, developing and fun assignments? Then you might be our next producer or production company for one or more online courses at Acadyme!

We are looking for freelance producers who can plan, film and preferably also edit courses for

Our ambition is to create a network of producers all over the world who can create courses for Acadyme.

As a producer for Acadyme you get paid for your work and we will enter into a cooperation agreement with you.

Once we have found an instructor for the intended course, we plan with the help of our team the content, structure and budget of the course.

We expect a course to take about 2-5 days to record and another 5 days to edit depending on the instructor’s experience.

There is plenty to talk about when it comes to producing courses for and to get started we ask you to hear from you!