Are you a coach, instructor or athlete?

– In that case, Acadyme might be the right channel for you to create courses and sell them world wide.

Our goal is to educate and inspire. We also want to benefit people like you who possess deep knowledge of a specific sport or topic.

Acadyme aims to be the best in the world at online courses in sports, health and wellness. And that means all kinds of sports and activities. From jujitsu to table tennis, from inspiring research lectures to relaxing yoga classes. Courses come in many forms and have different target groups. Each course is customized to fit you as an instructor and around the message you want to send to your viewers.

Why become an instructor at Acadyme?

Share the joy of coaching – Everyone needs a great coach to get to the next level, yet not every athlete has the option to get great coaching in order to achieve their potential.

Build your brand – In such a competitive industry, it’s crucial to get your name out there. With Acadyme, you can create awareness and build your brand.

Reach a global audience – Each course on is subtitled in five languages. Acadyme also takes responsibility for marketing your course using Google Adwords and Facebook / Instagram.

Are you our next instructor?

Acadyme is looking for instructors who have a platform and want to reach more fans, followers and audiences. We believe that you are already established in what you do, but unsure of how to package your knowledge and sell it on.

Acadyme will help you with the script and set up the course together with you. We plan, build on the viewers’ needs and build an online course based on headings.

Acadyme produces the content together with you during 2-5 days in a location of your choice.

What you can expect from us

What we expect from you

We produce all over the world and truly believe in quality content.

Instructor acknowlegdement

“I love open water swimming! And I love introducing this beautiful sport to beginners and newcomers! This is why I’m so excited about my course on Acadyme! A course on open water swimming that covers all corners on how to get started and how to develop even further. In this course I’ve thrown in all my experience and knowledge from my 30+ years in the sports of swimming, triathlon and swimrun”, says Jonas Colting.

“Creating a triathlon course with Acadyme has been both fun and rewarding. It feels exciting to distill my 10 years of experience in professional triathlon training and competition into a course with instructional films, texts, programs and podcasts. I have always liked to inspire others to develop as triathletes, and with the help of Acadyme I got the opportunity to do it in the best possible way”, says Åsa Lundström.