The idea of great content

In 2012, Jojje Borssén and Jonas Colting wrote the first Swedish book about triathlon called “Triathlon för dig” [Triathlon for you]. It became a success in its category. But Jojje was not satisfied with the financial outcome. Nor with the restrictions on distribution or the inability to refine or expand the scope of the content. After all – it was just a book… He started thinking: there must be a better way of distributing 40 years of experience and knowledge about triathlon than through a book?

A quality content ecosystem

In 2014, Jojje Borssén and Jonas Colting started Colting Borssén Triathlon Coaching. Their coaching services can be described as an ecosystem of quality content with training programs for Ironman and Ironman 70.3, podcasts, articles and hours of video content to learn and get inspiration from.

Blueprint for cross-country skiing

In 2017, Jojje Borssén and Erik Wickström expanded on Jojje’s successful triathlon coaching service, but this time for cross-country skiing. This service is called Wickström Coaching. begins to take shape

Both Colting Borssén Coaching and Wickström Coaching had been services aimed at Swedish athletes and enthusiasts. Jojje had an idea of creating courses that were easier to absorb, diving into different topics and reaching out to a global market. In 2019 Acadyme was born and the launch took place the following year.

Sports, health and wellness edutainment

We call our service “edutainment”, which is a portmanteau of the words education and entertainment. We believe in quality content and that learning is an essential part of life.

About the founder Jojje Borssén

I have been creating content for the Internet since 1999. Mainly video, articles, pictures and more recently podcasts, blogs and training programs. I’ve also done meet-ups and camps related to our coaching services. I truly love the possibilities that come with publishing and sharing stories on the Internet.

My journey started in 2001 in Åre, Sweden, and continued with the company until 2005. After some time in the television industry, I found a job that allowed me to work with my passion (triathlon) and started working at Runner’s World Sweden. My focus was on digital content and business development.

It was an interesting time since the media landscape changed a lot during these years. After eight and a half fantastic years I chose to go ahead and try my wings with an innovation startup in sports nutrition with two friends. The company was called Vitamin Manager and was sold to Orkla ASA in 2019.

Out of my passion for health and well-being and in particular triathlon, an idea emerged of an online triathlon coaching service where the content was in focus. In 2015, former triathlon professional Jonas Colting and I, launched Colting Borssén Coaching.

Two years later, Colting Borssén Coaching got a baby sister: Wickström Coaching, which was entirely dedicated to cross-country skiing. To date, the services have attracted thousands of participants and continue to inspire and train triathlon and cross-country ski enthusiasts in Sweden.

Putting all the knowledge and the experience from Colting Borssén Coaching, Wickström Coaching and Vitamin Manager together, I wanted to try an even better idea – Acadyme™. Content, customer and service oriented, focused on focus. My wish is to pass on knowledge from inspirers, coaches, instructors, lecturers, athletes and academics in a fun, inspiring and entertaining way. That’s the foundation of – I hope our service will get you inspired for your next challenge.

Jojje Borssén
Founder Acadyme™

Acadyme is a registered trademark.